Resident parking

The Council issues residents' parking permits - and exemption permits for coupon parking areas - as part of its transport strategy for managing traffic and parking in the city.

Residents' parking sign.

Check the parking eligibility map for your area and find out about your resident permit options.

Parking eligibility maps

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Residents' parking permits

A residents' parking permit allows you to park in coupon parking zones as well as parking spaces marked 'residents parking' within your suburb.

Residents' parking spaces are clearly signposted, and monitored by parking officers.

You may only apply for a residents' parking permit if your main place of residence is within a residents' parking area. Having a permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

How to apply

A residents' parking permit costs $115 per year (non-refundable). You can get one for a shorter period at a reduced cost.

Residents' Parking Permit Application (64KB PDF)

What to include with your application

  • If you are a tenant, we'll need a copy of your tenancy agreement (your name must be on the agreement) or a letter from your landlord.
  • If you don't own the vehicle, include a letter from the owner authorising you to use it.
  • If your vehicle is not registered to the same address as on your application form, you can change your address by contacting NZ Post or NZ Transport Agency.

Change Address - NZ Post

Transaction Centre - NZ Transport Agency

New vehicle or new address? Transfer your permit time

If you buy a new vehicle or move to a new address, you will need a new permit.

You can ask us to transfer any remaining time to a new permit. You'll need to remove the original permit from your vehicle and return it to us before the transfer can take place. The permit may come off in pieces, but it is important that we view all or parts of the old permit.

Coupon exemption permit

If your main residence is in a coupon parking zone, you can apply for a permit that allows you to park in your zone without displaying a coupon. 

Coupon Parking

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