Carry out earthworks

Below are Council consents, services and fees that you may need to know about as part of your project:

Resource Consent

If your project does not comply with the rules of the District Plan, you will need to apply for resource consent.

To find out if your project complies:

  • engage a professional to help you - this could be a planning consultant, architect or draughtsman
  • talk to a Council planning technician - phone (04) 801 3590 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Fees Resource Consents - Fees
Time frame

We will process a straightforward consent within 20 working days.

This time frame may be affected if:

  • the project is complex
  • other parties are affected by the proposal
  • the application does not include the right information.
More information

Get a building consent

Complete the application form below and pay the Council application fee.

Minor Works Consent Application Form  (96KB PDF)

How to fill out the Minor Works Consent Application Form