Resource consents

You will need a resource consent for any development, subdivision or other proposed use of a site that does not comply with the District Plan.

Pay a resource consent

Select "Property" from the drop down list.

Apply for, change or cancel a resource consent

Resource consent applications take between 20 and 70 working days, depending on whether your propose...

    Pre-application meetings

    At a confidential pre-application meeting, you can have a discussion with Council staff before you s...


      This page shows the current fees schedule for resource consents and associated services. Owners of l...

        Forms & guidelines

        A full list of forms and document guidelines about resource consents.

          Resource consent process

          A resource consent will be for either a land-use consent or a subdivision consent.

            Which professional to use

            Find out which professional to talk to about the different parts of your resource consent applicatio...

              Subdividing property

              Subdivision is the legal division of land and/or buildings for separate ownership. It can be a lengthy and costly process, and generally involves a number of parties.

              Demolition or removal of pre-1930s buildings

              Your responsibilities when demolishing or moving a pre-1930s building in one of Wellington's distinct character areas.

                Consent for earthworks

                You may need a resource consent for earthworks, as they can effect the environment, other people or ...

                  Working from home

                  A ‘work from home’ activity is a very small scale business in a room in your home.

                    Multi-unit developments

                    What you need to know about resource consents if you are planning to build a multi-unit housing deve...

                      Using Council-owned land for private purposes

                      Given Wellington’s topography, you may need to use the road for your car deck or garage, or structur...

                        Putting up a sign

                        You may need resource consent if you’re thinking about putting up a sign or a billboard.

                          Early childhood centres

                          You may need resource consent if you want to open an early childhood centre, especially if you are i...

                            Engaging with mana whenua

                            The Resource Management Act (RMA) recognises that Māori have a special cultural and spiritual relati...