Resource consents

You will need a resource consent for any development, subdivision or other proposed use of a site that does not comply with the District Plan.

Pay a resource consent

Select "Property" from the drop down list.

Apply for, change or cancel a resource consent

Resource consent applications take between 20 and 70 working days, depending on whether your propose...

    Pre-application meetings

    At a confidential pre-application meeting, you can have a discussion with Council staff before you s...


      This page shows the current fees schedule for resource consents and associated services. Owners of l...

        Forms & Guidelines

        A full list of forms and document guidelines about resource consents.

          Resource Consent Process

          A resource consent will be for either a land-use consent or a subdivision consent.

            Subdividing Property

            Subdivision is the legal division of land and/or buildings for separate ownership. It can be a lengthy and costly process, and generally involves a number of parties.

            Demolition or Removal of Pre-1930s Buildings

            Your responsibilities when demolishing or moving a pre-1930s building in one of Wellington's distinct character areas.

              Working from Home

              A ‘work from home’ activity is a very small scale business in a room in your home.

                Multi-Unit Developments

                What you need to know about resource consents if you are planning to build a multi-unit housing deve...