Find out about registering your dog, owner responsibilities, public exercise spaces, lost and impounded dogs, and reporting a dog attack.

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Paws in the Park

10am - 11.30am , Sunday 25 January 2015
Tawa Tawa Reserve, Murchison Street, Island Bay
Free. No registrations are necessary, just turn up on the day.

Paws in the Park is a great chance for dog and nature lovers to meet and explore one of Wellington’s beautiful dog exercise areas.

Please bring a lead, dog poo bags and good walking shoes. Note that the ridgeline loop at Tawa Tawa Reserve has a short incline at the beginning.

For more information check out the events calendar, or contact Fran McEwen.


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Every year in Wellington there are about 100 reported dog attacks.

    Lost & Impounded

    The Council has contracted Animal Services to perform dog control throughout the city.

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