Senior citizen communities

These services, facilities and activities around the city can make daily life easier and more enjoyable for senior citizens, as well as providing opportunities for personal growth and community participation.

Library user - photo by Mark Coote.

Library user


Backdoor rubbish collection

The Council offers backdoor rubbish collection for a charge or free to residents who qualify.

Backdoor Collection

Community Finder

The Community Finder provides information and contact details on senior citizen organisations, services and facilities.

Community Finder - Seniors


The Council owns and manages 12 branch libraries which provide various services and facilities for senior citizens. All branches are wheelchair accessible.


Community centres

These wheelchair accessible facilities offer services and activities for senior citizens such as social groups and outings, and meals on wheels.

Community Centres

Leisure card

This recreation discount scheme offers discounts of up to 50% at various locations in Wellington.

Leisure Card

Recreation centres

The Council runs the ASB Sports Centre and four other recreation centres - all provide sport and leisure activities for senior citizens.

Swimming pools

The Council has five indoor swimming pools that offer classes:

  • the Ezy Movers classes are particularly suitable for frail senior citizens
  • aquajogging, which you can do in your own time and at your own pace, is suitable for all levels of fitness
  • all learn-to-swim classes can be adapted to accommodate the needs of anyone frail.

Swimming Pools

Getting about


Our online WebMap tool shows the locations of:

  • mobility car parks
  • mobility scooter hire
  • beach access and accessible playgrounds
  • public toilets.

Accessibility - WebMap

This text version of the Accessible Wellington map provides similar information, but also includes the accessibility of recreation facilities and entertainment sites:

Accessible Wellington Map (1MB PDF) | Text version (547KB RTF)

Mobility parks, permits and scooters

To find out how to get a mobility permit and where the mobility car parks are, see:

Mobility Parking

For information about the free mobility scooters you can hire, check out:

Mobility Transport

More information

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