Wellington City Council operates two cemeteries, at Karori and Makara. There is also a crematorium and two chapels at Karori Cemetery and an urupā at Makara Cemetery. Bolton Street Cemetery is closed for burial and managed as a public garden.

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The Council's cemetery and crematorium records can be viewed online.


Cremations take place at the Karori Crematorium, Monday to Friday.

Karori Cemetery

Karori Cemetery is New Zealand's second largest burial ground, covering 40 hectares. Over 83,000 peo...

Makara Cemetery

Makara Cemetery, set on 84 hectares of semi-rural land in the Makara Valley, is Wellington's princip...

Cemetery Memorials

A memorial placement can be authorised by the owner of the Exclusive Right of Interment or, if the o...


    Burials are available at both Karori and Makara Cemeteries. Find out about how to make a reservation...

      Work Permits

      Some tasks in the cemeteries can be done by external contractors. Before they can start any work the...

        Purchase a Plot

        You can apply to buy a plot for a burial or to scatter ashes.