Health & safety

To keep everyone safe and healthy at the pools, we have lifeguards on duty and rules about illness, hygiene and the supervision of children.

Freyberg pool staff.

Freyberg pool staff


To keep swimmers safe, all our pools meet the national PoolSafe standard and we have qualified lifeguards on duty at all times.


To help prevent other swimmers getting ill, stay away from any swimming pool for at least 2 weeks after an illness with diarrhoea and tummy upset.


Children under 3 years old must wear a waterproof nappy or Little Swimmer swimming pants in the pool. This helps us make sure pools are kept safe and clean, and reduces pool closures for all customers. You can buy Little Swimmers swimming pants at the pools.

Standard or disposable nappies may not be worn in the pool. This is because:

  • Both standard and disposable nappies absorb a lot of water and become very heavy, which increases the risk of the baby or toddler sinking.
  • Waterlogged disposable nappies fall apart in the water and can affect the performance of the filters.

Children under 8 years old must be actively supervised by an adult (a person over 16 years old). All children under 5 years old have to be kept within arms reach of their adult supervisor.

Children are not allowed in the saunas or steam rooms.