Eastern Walkway & loop

This walkway offers two choices of walks.

The Eastern Walkway extends along the southern end of Miramar Peninsula from the Pass of Branda to Tarakena Bay. The track is 2.5 km long and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. The track surface is mainly gravel and much of the track is exposed.

Marker posts mean you can walk the walkway in either direction or there is the recommended circular route back along Breaker Bay Road (see below).

There is also an extra walk which can be done out to Point Dorset - allow 1 hour to discover World War II gun batteries and observation posts. Please don’t climb or enter the observation posts as they are unsafe and near collapse. The track is steep in places and very exposed. Along the way you will see many Māori historical sites and spectacular views of Wellington Harbour. You will also learn about some of the fascinating history behind the geological formation and diverse local history of Miramar Peninsula.

From the city, take the No.11 Seatoun bus to the Seatoun terminal. Refer to the map in the brochure below or the app for the Pass of Branda start (the walkway entrance is signposted).

All along the route are numerous seats and picnic spots.

Dogs are permitted but must be on a leash.

The walkway is closed to mountain bikers.



Eastern Walkway (332KB PDF)

Download the brochure or check out our Welly Walks app which has images, maps and instructions for the Eastern Walkway.

Eastern Walkway loop to Breaker Bay

A 4.2km walk that takes about 1½ to 2 hours.

This loop walk has a common entry and exit point and is suitable for those with average fitness.

Along the walk there are Māori historial sites and the Ataturk Memorial and spectacular views of Wellington harbour.

Starting at Tarakena Bay on Wellington's south coast, the walk has entry / exit points from Bury Grove, Sidlaw Street, Signallers Grove and Inglis Street (Pass of Branda).

See the following information sheet for:

  • more details of the track
  • points of interest
  • facilities available
  • bus route numbers (if applicable) to get to and from the walk.