City to Sea Walkway

A 12km walk that takes 6 - 7 hours, but can be done in stages.

Closed Sections of City to Sea Walkway

From Monday 12th January 2015, sections on the City to Sea Walkway are closed to remove trees from the Prince of Wales Park that pose a safety risk to Hutchison Road. See the image below for alternative routes. The work is expected to last five weeks. The area will be replanted between 2015 and 2019.


Map showing alternative routes on City to Sea Walkway during section closures.

Map showing alternative routes on City to Sea Walkway in 2015


The walk starts in the heart of central Wellington near Parliament and ends at the south coast at Island Bay.

The walkway is closed to mountain bikes.

Walkways iPhone application

Explore the well-known walkways and tracks around Wellington with a free Welly Walks iPhone application. It'll help you discover all the best tourist spots and hidden gems in Wellington; nature reserves, forests, farmlands and the rugged South Coast; landmarks and historic sites; public art and picturesque views.

The application features seven walks including:

  • City to Sea Walkway
  • Eastern Walkway
  • Explore Parliament and Thorndon
  • Explore the Waterfront
  • Northern Walkway
  • Skyline Walkway
  • Southern Walkway

All the walks also have images, maps and instructions on how to get around.