Parks & Reserves

Details of parks and reserves in Wellington.

Parks Week 2015

We love our parks so much we're dedicating a whole week to them. From 7 to 15 March, there'll be a w...

    Access & Permits

    Access and permits for Wellington's reserves.


      The Council manages over 4,000 hectares of reserve land and open space in Wellington.

        My Parx Mobile App

        My Parx is a free smartphone application that helps you explore Wellington's parks and reserves.

          Protecting the Reserves

          Information on issues, projects and volunteering to protect Wellington's reserves.

          Volunteers & Support

          Information on the role Wellington's environmental community groups play in protecting Wellington's ...

          History of Town & Green Belts

          The first plan for Wellington - drawn in 1840 - shows land for public enjoyment that was not to be b...