Mountain Biking

Wellington is amazing for mountain biking and has something for everyone. All you need is a bike and some enthusiasm!

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Explore Wellington's mountain bike trails with our online map. The map is also customised to use on your phone when out riding too.

South Coast Kids Track - Awesome beginners track at Island Bay

Mountain Bike trails

We have a huge range of tracks from the famous Makara Peak to Mount Victoria, right on your doorstep, jump over to the Mountain Bike Tracks page to see some of the best ones.

Mountain Bike Trails

Parts of Wellington's walkways are open to mountain bikes except for the Eastern Walkway and the City to Sea Walkway, which are closed to mountain bikes. For more information, see:

Walks and Walkways



Mountain Biking in Wellington (4.9MB PDF)

See this flyer for detailed information on these and other trails, including maps and ability levels.

Want to go for a ride?

New to Wellington, mountain biking or just want some suggestions for somewhere to ride? We have put together a starters guide to some sweet trails to ride in and around the city.

The Right Track for You

Get involved!

Volunteer to create trails

The Council is working with Wellington Trails Alliance (WTA) to create trails for mountain bikers, walkers and runners. They've extended trail networks all over Wellington, particularly on the Town Belt, Polhill Reserve and Miramar Peninsula.

Trail Volunteers

Events and news

There is so much going on across all the track networks in the city from trail building, downhill events to family friendly rides and tree planting. The best way to find out what's happening is to either go to our Events page or jump on to the various groups Facebook pages - here are some of the main ones:

Wellington Mountain Bike Club

Makara Peak Supporters

Miramar Trail Project

PNP Mountain Bike Club

Brooklyn Trail Builders

Mount Victoria Trails

Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park

A community initiative supported by the Council, the park has more than 30km of tracks and is recognised as one of the country's best mountain biking areas.

Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park

Outstanding  Park Award

Wellington City Council and the Makara Peak Supporters group recently won the New Zealand Recreation Association's (NZRA) 2010 Outstanding Park Award for their collaboration on Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park.

New mountain bike tracks

With Council support, volunteers have built three new tracks:

You may see walkers on some of these tracks, so please respect other trail users.

Mountain bike skills areas

The Council has created five skills areas to help kids develop basic techniques to cycle off-road. The locations are:

  • Alexandra Road, Mount Victoria - Newtown-end of the road in the Town Belt
  • Central Park - in the playground
  • Karori Park - on the hill in the pine trees behind the park
  • Miramar water towers - off Main Road near Wellington Prison
  • South Coast Kids' Track, Adelaide Road, Island Bay - next to Island Bay skate park.

Areas closed to mountain biking

For information on areas and tracks in Wellington which are closed to mountain biking, see the Schedule A - Open Space Acess Plan in the following policy:

Mountain Bike NZ Code of Conduct

Because Wellington's tracks are used by many people, the Council supports the Mountain Bike NZ Code of Conduct.