WREMO was formed on 2 July 2012 in response to a new regional approach to emergency management.

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office in Thorndon.

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office


WREMO is mainly based in the earthquake-resistant WREMO building in Thorndon, and the Hutt City Council's emergency offices. The Porirua, Kapiti and Wairarapa offices are continuing to operate as satellite offices of WREMO.

WREMO building

The WREMO building is on the corner of Murphy and Turnbull streets in Thorndon.

It was purpose-built in 1995 with its own water, electricity, communications and sewerage facilities. This means that WREMO's communications and essential services can keep operating during a major emergency that affects the city's utilities.

In July and August 2011, we made some internal improvements to the building to increase the building's day-to-day capacity and its ability to respond to a major emergency event.

Civil defence

WREMO is more commonly known as 'Civil Defence' and carries out the Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) functions for the Wellington city area.

Wellington's Civic Defence team was formerly known as WEMO (the Wellington Emergency Management Office) before it exanded to became part of WREMO.

The change follows on from a Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management assessment in 2010 of the region's disaster-response capability. The assessment found that there were issues with the coordination of emergency management across the region.

The new approach means that emergency services are able to organise and share resources around the region.

Operating under the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002 requirements, WREMO works with emergency services and other CDEM offices. Together we have plans in place to protect people and property in the event of an emergency.

Research hub to boost community resilience

In March 2014, WREMO partnered with the Joint Centre for Disaster Research to launch Wellington’s new International Centre of Excellence in Community Resilience. The centre will:

  • gather evidence to help inform WREMO’s Community Resilience Strategy
  • create networks that share international good practice in community resilience
  • promote the Wellington region as a living laboratory for research and learning.

New Research Hub - WREMO

More information

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office

Address: 2 Turnbull Street
Phone: (04) 460 0650
Email: wremo@gw.govt.nz
Website: WREMO - Greater Wellington Regional Council