Emergency management

The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) - more commonly known as 'Civil Defence' - aims to help Wellington prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters.

City outages and closures

Updated: Monday 28 November – 10.00am

    Earthquake Recovery Information Centre (ERIC)

    The one-stop shop called ERIC (Earthquake Recovery Information Centre) helps people and businesses t...

      Information after the November 2016 earthquake

      See our answers to Wellingtonians' most-frequently-asked questions.

        Regional emergencies

        Find out how you can get support and receive the latest information on an emergency situation.

          Blue lines - tsunami safe zones

          Information about tsunami safe zones, what to do during a tsunami and areas you should evacuate in t...


            Wildfires are a serious risk in Wellington so there are restrictions in place all year round.

              Personal emergency skills training

              A free, one-day emergency skills training programme that will build resilient neighbourhoods and cou...


                Volunteers are essential to the community in an emergency. Learn about what you can do to help.



                Get Prepared for an Emergency (1.3MB PDF)



                Text version (36KB RTF)

                See this handy poster to remind you of what to do to prepare for an emergency.