Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards

Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards (APWs) are one way for the Council to honour members of the community who have made outstanding or lengthy contributions, usually in a voluntary capacity, to the Capital and its people. The awards are presented at events held twice per year.

Nominate someone

To nominate someone for an APW award please email Lily Kemble-Welch with the following information:

  • the full name of the person making the nomination
  • the nominee’s full name
  • the nominee’s email or phone number
  • the nominee’s address
  • the reason you think the nominee deserves an Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Award
  • any background information on the nominee that you can provide (this only needs to be a sentence or two).

Other awards

Other city awards that Council offer include:

  • Safety in the City Awards
  • Community Awards

Some of the recent award recipients

Vicki McKay with Mayor Justin Lester.

Vicki McKay with Mayor Justin Lester


Vicki McKay

14 November 2016

Vicki McKay had just settled down behind the mic at the RNZ studios for her regular All Night Programme slot when a 7.8 magnitude quake struck, just moments into her live broadcast. This was just after midnight on 14 November, and the shake that struck the upper South Island was felt all over the country. It proved fatal in Kaikōura and Mt Lyford, and had a significant impact on the capital.

Vicki very calmly informed listeners that they were indeed experiencing a quake. As shaking and rumbling became audible in the background, she advised listeners to take cover. In the face of a disaster, it’s important we keep our heads, remember the emergency response advice and the preparedness measures we put in place.

Vicky led by example that night.

Listener numbers grew with more and more people seeking a source of up-to-date information they could trust, and Vicki and fellow presenter Susie Ferguson set the tone for many of us. Vicki’s aplomb in continuing to broadcast without hesitation and for staying calm despite extraordinary circumstances garnered a lot of attention. This APW award was an opportunity to thank Vicki for her years of service, and to recognise her extraordinary composure on November 14.

Vicki says that she’s now tested the microphone to see if it will stretch far enough for her to continue broadcasting from under the desk if she has to. “It does, and I will,” she says. Mayor Justin Lester presented Vicki with her APW on behalf of the city.