About Wellington

What to do in Wellington

From culture to coffee, music to movie-making, the compact city of Wellington has very welcome surpr...

    Emergency management

    The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) - more commonly known as 'Civil Defence' -...

    A Capital Quiz

    The answers to the quiz in the Our Wellington Summer brochure. How well do you know your city?

      Mobile Apps

      We've created this mobile apps listing to make it easy for you to find mobile apps that will help yo...

        Research & data

        Wellington City Council collects data and generates knowledge and insights about Wellington. Check o...

        Wellington waterfront

        Wandering along the wonderful Wellington waterfront is one of the top 10 Wellington must-dos.

          International relations

          As the country's capital, Wellington is home to many international organisations such as embassies, ...

          Profile of Wellington

          Wellington is New Zealand's centre of government and the world's southernmost capital city.

            Public toilets in Wellington

            A list of public toilets in Wellington City, including accessible facilities and opening hours.