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A botanic buzz for everyone

11am, Sunday 18 January

In this easy downhill walk we will look at

  • the goings-on inside trees
  • the links between plants, light and colour
  • evolution of the flower
  • friendly and not-so-friendly aspects of plant chemistry
  • the fascinating world of some ground-level flora and fungi
  • why the turkey oak is not Turkish

and other oddities of our botanical world.
Meet at the Cable Car Entrance for this 90 minute stroll.
Cost: $4

Borage in the Herb Garden, experiencing pollination from a friendly local bee.

Borage in the Herb Garden


The Herb Garden

11am, Monday 26 January

A tour of the Herb Garden when it is at its best, looking at the fragrant, medicinal, culinary and domestic uses of herbs. Meet at the fountain in the Rose Garden for this easy 75 minute walk with one uphill section.
Cost: $4

Trees and their fungal friends

11am, Sunday 15 February

In this easy walk we will look at:

  • a number of trees and their commercial uses
  • the intimate relationships between trees and ‘mushrooms
  • the happenings in and around a pine needle
  • the difference between haploxylons and diploxylons.

If the mood takes us we can muse on whether antioxidants obtained from trees are really all that useful. Meet at the Founders’ Entrance (main gates) for this 90-minute stroll.
Cost: $4

Beetles, beaks and branches

11am, Monday 23 February

Insects and birds, and their relationship with both native and introduced plants. Meet at Founders’ Entrance, Glenmore Street for this moderate 90-minute walk with one uphill section.
Cost: $4

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