Wastewater Laterals Policy

Adopted 2021.

The Wastewater Laterals Policy (2021) is about responsibilities for wastewater laterals, these are the pipes that connect wastewater from a property to a Council wastewater main.

Under this policy: 

  • the Council is responsible for the repair and renewal of wastewater laterals that are in public roads, and
  • property owners are responsible for wastewater laterals from their property that are in; their property, a neighbouring private property or other public land (for example, a reserve).

Wastewater Laterals Policy (2021) (620KB PDF) | Text version (805KB RTF)


  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Scope
  • Definitions
  • Construction, consent requirements, transfer of ownership
  • Transition
  • Wastewater lateral responsibility illustrations
  • Operational policy and other Council policies
  • Third party damage

The Wastewater Laterals Policy (2021) replaced the Laterals Policy (2005) that previously applied to wastewater laterals.