South Coast Management Plan

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South Coast Management Plan – entire document (1.5MB PDF)

Introduction (17KB PDF)

  • What is the South Coast?
  • What does the Management Plan do?
  • Supporting Information and Documents
  • Relationship with Tangata Whenua

Objectives (72KB PDF)

Resource Statement (778KB PDF)

  • Legal Description of Areas Covered by this Management Plan
  • Sitemaps
  • Landforms and Landscapes
  • Ecological Resource

Coastal Heritage and Use (33KB PDF)

  • Cultural, Spiritual and Heritage Significance
  • Uses / Activities

Management Framework (58KB PDF)

  • An Area-Based Approach
  • Other Contributions to Direction
  • Wellington City Council Process
  • Potential Influences on Future Management

Management Policies (193KB PDF)

  • Community Involvement in Management of the South Coast
  • Tangatawhenua and Iwi Involvement in Management of the South Coast
  • Respect for Waahi Tapu and Other Sites of Significance to Māori 
  • Access
  • Safety
  • Enhancement and Restoration of Natural Areas
  • New Structures on Coastal Land
  • Existing Structures on Coastal Land
  • Utilities
  • Provision of Facilities
  • Heritage
  • Amenity Enhancement
  • Classifying Land as Reserve
  • Adjoining Land
  • Commercial Uses
  • Signage and Interpretation
  • Fire Control

Coastal Design and Construction (142KB PDF)

  • Context
  • Purpose and Focus for Design
  • General Design Principles
  • Elements

Implementation Actions for the South Coast(35KB PDF)

  • Special Future Projects

Bibliography (10KB PDF)