Recreation Strategy

Adopted in 2003.

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Executive Summary (29KB PDF)

Part 1 - Introduction to the Strategy (79KB PDF)

  • Why have a recreation strategy?
  • Why is the Council involved in recreation provision?
  • Background
  • What is Recreation?
  • Relationship with Maori
  • Vision and Outcomes
  • Guiding principles
  • Links to other Council strategies and policies
  • Planning context for Recreation and Leisure in Wellington
  • Performance Measurement

Part 2 - The Strategy (54KB PDF)

  • Outcomes, Objectives and Actions

Part 3 - The Context (82KB PDF)

  • Demographics
  • Trends affecting Recreation and Sport
  • Provision – Current situation
  • Participation – Current situation
  • Constraints to participating in Recreation and Sport

Acknowledgments (25KB PDF)


Appendix 1 (72KB PDF)

Appendix 2 (27KB PDF)