Parking Policy

Adopted August 2020.

Wellington City Council Parking Policy (585KB PDF)

Wellington City Council Parking Policy text version (15MB RTF)

The parking policy provides a framework to guide future decision-making on the management of all Council-controlled parking spaces. This includes off-street parking and on-street parking, both free-of-charge (unrestricted) and those which incur a user-charge. Off-street parking includes parking areas at any of the Council’s parks, sports, recreation and other community facilities; and any off-street parking buildings that the Council controls.

The policy sets out objectives, high level principles, a parking space hierarchy (that prioritises the types of parking in different areas), area-based parking management guidance (that prioritises how we manage supply and demand). It also provides a new approach to setting parking fees and developing area-based parking management plans.

As a result of this decision, the Parking Policy 2007 and the Mobility Parking Policy 2005 are revoked and will be removed from the Wellington City Council website and replaced with the Parking Policy 2020 and the Mobility Parking Guidelines.

The Car Share Policy 2016 will also be revoked and removed from the Wellington City Council website once replacement Car Share Guidelines have been finalised.