Housing Accord

Adopted June 2014.

Housing Minister Nick Smith and Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.
Housing Minister Nick Smith and Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

The Wellington Housing Accord, signed in June 2014, sets out how the Council and the Government will work together to increase housing supply in the City. The accord has set a target of granting 7000 consents for dwellings and sections by 2019.

Wellington City Housing Accord (846KB PDF)

To achieve this, the Council will identify special housing areas (SHAs) that can support growth in the city and submit them to the Minister of Housing for approval.

Approved SHAs will allow the Council to apply special planning and consenting powers to qualifying developments under the Housing Accord and Special Housing Areas Act (HASHA). Qualifying developments in SHAs will still be assessed against their relevant district plan rules.

A package of housing development incentives, including rates remissions and waiving pre-application fees aim to help kick-start development in the SHAs.

If you are a developer interested in working in the SHAs, get in touch with the Council’s Planning team.