Horokiwi Rural Community Plan

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Summary of Key Proposals (14KB PDF)

Introduction (95KB PDF)

Defining the Horokiwi Area (510KB PDF)

Horokiwi: Past and Present (50KB PDF)

Community Vision (70KB PDF)

  • Introduction
  • A Vision for the Year 2010

Rural Character and the Natural Environment (385KB PDF)

  • Introduction
  • Horokiwi's Rural Character
  • Ridgelines, Landscapes and Views
  • Places of Cultural and Historic Importance
  • Native Bush and Wildlife - 'Biodiversity'
  • Natural Water Bodies
  • Sustainable Management by Landowners

Community Well-Being (110KB PDF)

  • Introduction
  • Opportunities for Rural Living
  • Supporting Social and Economic Needs
  • Efficiency, convenience and Safety of Access
  • Fostering a Safe Environment
  • Recreation
  • Water Supply and Wastewater and Rubbish Disposal
  • Contributing to Wellington's Well-Being

Decision Processes (80KB PDF)

  • Identifying the Issues
  • Objectives
  • Methods

Monitoring and Review (60KB PDF)

  • Identifying the Issues
  • Objective
  • Methods

Appendices (130KB PDF)

  • Appendix 1: WCC Rural Area Objectives
  • Appendix 2: A Guide to Available Methods
  • Appendix 3: Acknowledgements