Enforcement and Compliance Policy

The Council is responsible for a wide range of functions across the district including ensuring compliance with a diverse range of laws, regulations and standards.

The Specialist Advice and Compliance Team (SAC), the Building Compliance Team (BC) and the Public Health Team investigate compliance and exercise enforcement powers on behalf of the Wellington City Council under the combined business unit City Consenting and Compliance (CCC).

The CCC undertake their compliance and enforcement duties pursuant to a broad range of legislation including the Local Government Act 2002, Resource Management Act 1991, The Building Act 2004, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, Litter Act 1979, the Dog Control Act 1996, and the Health Act 1956. The specific functions of the teams are outlined in the relevant team schedules to this enforcement policy.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy provides a guide for the exercise of enforcement discretion where appropriate. It also provides an insight into the range of enforcement tools available and the processes CCC will follow to enforce them.

The purpose of the Compliance and Enforcement policy is to:

  • provide guidance for enforcement officers to identify the factors that will assist in determining which enforcement tool, or combination of tools, is most appropriate so that enforcement functions are carried out in a consistent, effective and principled way.
  • achieve collaboration amongst the three groups within CCC to ensure actions taken and advice given to the public is consistent.
  • provide a publicly available statement of the objectives and principles that will guide the teams in the performance of its enforcement functions.

Enforcement and Compliance Policy (464KB PDF)