Development Contributions Policy (2022)

The 2021-22 Development Contributions Policy was adopted by the Council on 31 March 2022. It takes effect from 1 May 2022.

Development contributions are charges that help Wellington City Council to pay for upgrades to existing and new community facilities, to accommodate the City’s growing population.

Community facilities are reserves, network infrastructure (including for water supply, wastewater, stormwater and transport) and community infrastructure. The charges are allocated to new residential and commercial developments that enable more people to live and work in Wellington.

The Development Contributions Policy covers what the charges are and how they are administered and calculated.

Part 1: Operational Policy and Part 2: Policy Details (1.62MB PDF)
Part 3: Policy Catchment Maps – Overview (713KB PDF)
Part 3: Policy Catchment Maps – Zones (16MB PDF) 

Previous development contribution policies

If your development project was consented before 1 May 2022, an earlier development contributions policy will apply: