Cemeteries Management Plan: Tawa, Karori and Mākara Cemeteries

Adopted June 2021.

The strategic and management plan for Tawa, Karori and Mākara Cemeteries aims to ensure we can meet the short and long-term cemetery needs of our growing city.

Cemeteries Management Plan: Tawa, Karori and Makara (3.8MB PDF)

About this plan (430KB PDF)

  • Purpose and scope
  • Legislative and strategic framework
  • The Council’s cemeteries
  • Cemetery trends
  • Governance and expertise
  • Plan structure

Vision (128KB PDF)

  • Key values and goals

General objectives and policies (271KB PDF)

  • Land administration and provision
  • Customer service
  • Heritage
  • Visitor experience
  • Community and partnership
  • Resilience

Cemetery-specific policies and actions (1.9MB PDF)

  • Tawa Cemetery
  • Karori Cemetery
  • Mākara Cemetery

Rules for public use (228KB PDF)

  • Rules overview
  • Objective
  • Policies

Implementation (303KB PDF)

  • Funding and priorities
  • Tawa Cemetery actions
  • Karori Cemetery actions
  • Mākara Cemetery actions

Appendices (250KB PDF)

  • I. Glossary
  • II. Strategic and statutory context
  • III. Historical context
  • IV. Maintenance and repair philosophy for graves and monuments
  • V. Categories of graves at Karori Cemetery


Our Cemeteries Management Plan is based on recognising people’s different views and beliefs. Find out more in our guides:

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