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Topics and information sheets

Have a browse through some of the topics and considerations of the Proposed District Plan.

Understanding the plan

The information sheets below provide an overview of the main topics of the Proposed District Plan:

Understanding our District Plan (3.4MB PDF)

Alternatively, read the text-only version of the information sheets.

See also a summary of the major changes made to the Proposed District Plan:

Differences between the Draft District Plan and Proposed District Plan (896KB PDF)


See below some of the topics and where to find them on the Proposed District Plan.

Strategic direction

The Proposed District Plan contains a strategic direction chapter that outlines the strategic priorities for Wellington City. The strategic objectives will have an important role in the assessment of complex resource consents and future plan changes. They are a touchpoint of the values we uphold for our city and the legacy we want to leave for future generations.

Strategic direction in the Proposed District Plan

Tangata whenua

Māori values and aspirations are included in the District Plan to recognise and elevate the relationship of tangata whenua with their land, resources and traditions.

Tangata Whenua in the Proposed District Plan

Climate change

The Proposed District Plan is an important tool to help realise our Te Atakura – First to Zero, a Council policy to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

Climate change and sustainability in the Proposed District Plan

Three Waters

A well-functioning Three Waters infrastructure network (drinking water, wastewater and stormwater) is crucial to the health and wellbeing of our city.

Three Waters in the Proposed District Plan

Natural environment

We have natural treasures in our backyard that we want to protect for future generations.

Natural environment in the Proposed District Plan

Natural hazards and resilience

Over the past year we have been investigating and updating our information on natural hazards in Wellington. This work has been vital for informing the Proposed District Plan and we are now proposing a much more proactive approach to preparing and dealing with natural hazards in our city.

Natural hazards and resilience

Sites and areas of significance to Māori

Providing care and kaitiakitanga for sites and areas of significance to Māori enables connections to our tūpuna ancestors, who lived before us.

Sites and areas of significance to Māori in the Proposed District Plan

Historical and cultural heritage

Our tuku ihotanga heritage connect secures our memories of the past, giving meaning to our special places and connecting people to their stories across time. It plays a key role in shaping the city’s identity and supporting community wellbeing.

Historical and cultural heritage in the Proposed District Plan

City centre

The city centre plays a vital role as the vibrant heart of our city.

City centre in the Proposed District Plan

Centres and business

Suburban centres, industrial and mixed-use areas are vital contributors to the vibrancy and continued economic and social wellbeing of our city.

Centres and business in the Proposed District Plan


Residential areas manage the neighbourhoods where we live, what we can do there, and how houses are built.

Residential in the Proposed District Plan

Design guides

Design guides outline how to develop quality homes and urban environments that are compact, attractive, functional and inclusive.

Design guides in the Proposed District Plan

Character housing

Character housing areas (precincts) are valued for their contribution to Wellington’s sense of place and identity.

Character housing in the Proposed District Plan

New urban areas

New Urban Areas are places that are going to change from rural areas to new neighbourhoods.

New urban areas in the Proposed District Plan

Rural and open space

Our Open Spaces and Rural Areas cover most of the land area of our City.

Rural and open spaces in the Proposed District Plan

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