Decision-making process on the Proposed District Plan

Find out about the process and next steps for making decisions on the Proposed District Plan.

In September 2023 the first set of hearings concluded on the Proposed District Plan, which included provisions relating to intensification.

First set of hearings – February-September 2023

There were six hearings between February and September 2023, covering more than 35 topics over 36 days.

The Proposed District Plan follows two planning processes:

  • the Intensification Streamlined Planning Process (ISPP), and
  • the standard Plan Change process (RMA, Schedule 1).

The ISPP is used to implement plan provisions that relate to intensification, the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020 (NPS-UD) and the Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS).

All provisions relating to intensification were included in hearings held between February and September. You can find all of the submissions in our submissions database here. For the submitters that presented at the hearings, you can find the day they presented and a link to that days hearing recording in the following documents:

Independent Hearing Panel recommendation reports

The Independent Hearings Panel (IHP) are deliberating and drafting recommendation reports on those topics heard to date.

These reports will provide a recommended set of plan provisions and will set out whether submissions should be accepted or rejected.

The reports will be considered by the Council in deciding whether to accept or reject the recommendations of the IHP.

Council briefings and decision-making

Council meeting – March 2024

The Council will meet on Thursday 14 March 2024 to make decisions on the IHP’s recommendations.

There are specific requirements that the Council must follow in making decisions on the IHP’s reports.

Read more about the decision-making process: Decision-making on the Proposed District Plan Intensification provisions (232KB PDF)

Briefings – February 2024

Ahead of the decisions, the IHP’s reports will be presented to the Council in February 2024 at six public briefings:

  • Wednesday 7 February – Process recap, legal matters and strategic direction
  • Tuesday 13 February – Residential Zones, Character Precincts and Centres Zones
  • Wednesday 14 February – City Centre and Waterfront Zones
  • Tuesday 20 February – Historic Heritage, Notable Trees, Viewshafts and Sites and Areas of Significance to Māori
  • Tuesday 27 February – Natural hazards, Three Waters, Noise, Earthworks and Subdivision
  • Wednesday 28 February – Q&A session
  • Tuesday 12 March – Q&A session

The IHP’s reports will be made publicly available the week prior to the briefing session.

Legal advice to councillors

Barrister Nick Whittington provided advice on the process for Council decisions on IHP recommendations.

Legal advice - Council decisions on IHP recommendations (191KB PDF)