City to Waterfront study

In February 2004, Gehl Architects were commissioned to review the quality and use of Wellington's public spaces and how people access the waterfront from the city.

The findings of the City to Waterfront Study are captured in the Gehl report:

Public Spaces and Public Life Study

Wellington recommendations

The City to Waterfront Study confirms that Wellington's central city is in a good state, but the study also highlights improvements that can be made - in particular around the issue of vehicles dominating public spaces.

Gehl Architects believe these improvements could elevate Wellington to a leading world city for residents and visitors to enjoy. This in turn would generally support the city's economy and the city's 'Creative Wellington - Innovation Capital' vision.

There are approximately 94 recommendations in the study, ranging from a high strategic level down to a more detailed one.

  • 33 of the recommendations have been identified as already existing in Council policies or proposed projects.
  • 30 recommendations are partially reflected in existing Council polices and projects.
  • 31 recommendations are new.

The recommendations that do not already exist in Council policies and projects will be assessed as part of the Council's ongoing strategic work. This work will define the direction of the city for at least the next 20 years.

Gehl Architects

Gehl Architects have done similar studies on the use of public space in London, Copenhagen, Perth and Adelaide. All Gehl studies use a proven method based on observation and research.

Gehl studies in other cities have led to recommendations for enhancing street life and improving walkability, accessibility and safety.