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             1 Meeting Conduct
Apologies               5
             1.2 Announcements by the Mayor              5
             1.3 APW Awards              5
             1.4 Conflict of Interest Declarations              5
             1.5 Confirmation of Minutes              5
             1.6 Items not on the Agenda              5
             1.7 Public Participation              5
             2 Petitions
             3 General Business               7 
             3.1 Local Government Commission Proposal for Re-organisation - Wellington City Council Submission
Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
This report was not available at the time the agenda went to print and will be circulated separately.
             3.2 Te Awarua o Porirua Whaitua Committee
Presented by Councillor Lester
             3.3 Wellington Town Belt Bill
Presented by Councillor Ritchie
             3.4 New Zealand Delegation to the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown   
             3.5 Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement 
Presented by Councillor Free 
             4 Committee Reports              57 

Report of the Governance, Finance and Planning Committee Meeting of 17 February 2015
All attachments relating to this report will be circulated under separate cover.

Civic Precinct, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
30 Year Infrastructure Strategy, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
Supporting Information to the Consultation Document: 2015-25 Financial Strategy, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
Statements of Service provision: Our ten year plan, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
2015-25 Long-term Plan Other Matters, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
Supporting information to the Consultation Document: 2015-25 LTP Financial and Funding Policies, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
Supporting information to the Consultation Document: 2015-25 LTP Financial and Funding Statements, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
Long Term Plan 2015-2025: Preliminary Consultation Document, Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown

             4.2 Report of the Regulatory Processes Committee Meeting of 12 February 2015
Proposed Road Stopping - Land Adjacent to 105 Jubilee Road, Khandallah Presented by Councillor Ahipene-Mercer


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