Meeting agenda

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1. Meeting Conduct 
1. 1   Apologies 
1. 2   Announcements by the Mayor 
1. 3   Presentation of APW Award 
1. 4   Conflict of Interest Declarations 
1. 5   Confirmation of Minutes 
1. 6   Items not on the Agenda 
1. 7   Public Participation 

2. Petitions

3. General Business 
3.1   District Licensing Committee Annual Report to the 
        Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority
        Presented by Councillor Eagle
3.3   Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency
        Presented by Mayor Wade-Brown
        The report was not available at the time the agenda was
        finalised, and will be circulated separately
3.3   Victoria Street Boulevard 
        Presented by Councillor Lester

4. Committee Reports 
4.1   Report of the Governance, Finance and Planning   
        Committee Meeting of 10 September 2014 
        2014/15 Capital Expenditure Review, Presented by 
        Councillor Lester 

        Wellington Economic Initiative Development Fund,
         Presented by Councillor Lester 

         Funding for Nominated Events, Presented by Councillor
4.2    Report of the Environment Committee Meeting of 4
         September 2014 

         Wellington Town Belt Bill, Presented by Councillor

4.3     Report of the Transport and Urban Development
         Committee Meeting of 23 September 2014 
         Vesting Legal Road in the Crown for State Highway
          Purposes, Presented by Councillor Lester 

4.4    Report of the Regulatory Processes Committee Meeting
         of 4 September 2014 

         Road Stopping and Disposal - Legal Road Adjoining 53
         Cornford Street, Karori, Presented by Councillor
         Road Stopping and Exchange - Legal Road Adjoining 45
         Mana Street, Vogeltown, Presented by Councillor
        Road Stopping and Disposal - Legal Road Adjoining 4
        Mallam Street, Karori, Presented by Councillor Ahipene-

5.    Public Excluded 





Council and Committee meetings are livestreamed on our YouTube page. This includes any public participation at the meeting. (The video will display here when it is available.)

Community Board, Advisory Group, Forum and District Licensing Committee meetings are not livestreamed.

Attending and speaking at meetings

You can attend or give your opinion at a Council, committee, or community board meeting. Advisory groups are also open to the public, but follow different rules.

Attending and speaking at meetings


Information and recommendations contained in all agendas and reports are recommendations only and are not to be construed in any way, as Council policy until adopted. Minutes are unconfirmed until confirmed at a subsequent meeting.