Building the team through engagement

We're committed to ensuring the Council is a great place to work, and are focused on improving the right things to deliver our goals – both internally and for Wellington City.

In May 2021, Wellington City Council invited staff to participate in an internal annual survey – Kōrero Mai – to gauge our people’s thoughts on leadership, culture, strategy, and performance and development. The survey included positively-phrased statements and staff were asked to rate to what extent they agreed with them.

Over 1400 staff completed the survey or 83% of the organisation; our highest response rate yet.

Overall, the results are positive. They show our people love working for Wellington City Council and are generally positive about how we are performing, while also identifying areas for improvement.

What the colours mean:

  • Red (0-49%) is an area that needs focus.
  • Orange (50-67%) shows areas we need to work on.
  • Yellow (68-83%) is good.
  • Green (84-100%) is excellent.

What we are doing well

Our people continue to enjoy working for WCC and say it’s a great place to work. The results show staff understand their roles and responsibilities and see their contributions being recognised more in different ways.

What we need to focus on

The areas we need to focus our efforts on are building accountability for leaders, increasing collaboration across the Council, and improving systems and processes We have a programme of work in place to address these. 

How we measure up against local government

WCC staff results show that in 2021 we are aligned with the local government benchmark of 66%.

What’s next?

We will continue with regular ‘pulse check’ surveys to measure our progress against areas we want to improve in.