Mayoral Taskforce for Social Housing

Mayor Andy Foster established the Mayoral Taskforce for Social Housing in October 2021.

Mayor Andy Foster established the Mayoral Taskforce for Social Housing to assist the Council in responding to the challenge of unaffordable rent for our tenants, financial unsustainability of our housing portfolio, and the combination of these, meaning we can’t increase our housing supply overall.

The Taskforce includes independent experts, social housing advocates and City Housing tenants, who will discuss affordability challenges being experienced with City Housing, both for tenants and Wellington City Council.

The key findings and recommendations, including a series of tenant experiences and provider opinions, will be presented to the Council by the end of the first half of 2022.

20 December 2021 - Mayoral Taskforce for Social Housing - Terms of Reference (212KB PDF)


Wellington City Council

  • Mayor Andy Foster (Chair)
  • Alternate: Deputy Mayor Sarah Free
  • Councillor Diane Calvert (Deputy Chair)
  • Councillor Tamatha Paul (Tenant Liaison)

Mana whenua

  • Liz Kelly (Ngāti Toa)
  • Te Awa Puketapu (Taranaki Whanui)

Community housing advocates

  • Murray Edridge (City Mission)
  • Stephen King (St Peter’s on Willis)

Tenants and/or tenant advocates

  • Rosey Ngakopu (Te Ara Hou)
  • Debbie Port (Granville Flats)
  • Faiza Akbar (Te Ara Hou)

Secretariat support

  • Michael Algar (Chief of Staff)
  • Dave Burgess (Principal Communications Specialist)
  • Catherine Hutton (Senior Communications Specialist)
  • Amber Walters (Senior Advisor)

Final report

Mayoral Taskforce for Social Housing Final Report, August 2022 (997KB PDF)

Meeting documents

Media releases by the Mayor

Resources and materials

Documents from Pūroro Rangaranga | Social, Cultural and Economic Committee:

Contact us

Dave Burgess, Media contact
Phone: 021 391 847