Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards

These awards honour members of the community who have made absolutely positive contributions to our city.

2023 winners and councillors at the awards ceremony


Established in 1986, the Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards were originally known as the Civic Awards, recognising Wellingtonians who had given significant voluntary service in the areas of community service or welfare, sport, culture, the arts, recreation and education.

In 1994, Wellington’s then mayor Fran Wilde suggested reinvigorating the awards, to acknowledge those who have made a significant contribution to the city, often out of the public eye.

Five years later, in 1999, the Civic Awards became the Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards.

In 2017, the awards became an annual event with a formal ceremony to honour the recipients.

In 2024 Mayor Tory Whanau is looking to recreate the Awards so we can find the best way to recognise amazing volunteers in our community, and to update the awards so it reflects what the Wellington City Council represents today.

The Awards will be run every second year. We will also look at ways to increase nominations so that more Wellingtonians can have a say in who we celebrate.

Look out for more information in the coming months!

2023 winners

In 2023, the annual Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards recognised 11 recipients for their commitment to the Wellington community.

Past recipients

Citations were originally presented during Wellington City Council meetings to those who have given back to the community by saving and restoring historic buildings, installing public artworks and setting up residents' groups and film festivals.

They have acknowledged the contribution of bloggers, cyclists, artists, musicians, fashion-designers and businesspeople.

View previous recipients at archives online

Other awards

Other city awards that Council offer include: