Suburban and inner city collections

Collection times and general information for suburbs and inner city rubbish and recycling collections.

View our When to put out your rubbish collections calendar to find out what date to put your rubbish and recycling out for collection.

Collection times – Suburbs

Rubbish and recycling out by 7am

Put your rubbish and recycling out by 7am on your weekly collection day. Collection times vary according to the suburb you live in. Please don't put collections out any earlier than 7pm the evening before your collection day.

Make sure:

  • you place your wheelie bins, bags and crates as close to the kerb as possible (or place them on top of the concrete buffers or in the gap between the rubber buffers if your property is located along a cycleway)
  • wheelie bins are placed where they won't blow over and that the lid is completely closed with the wheelie bin clip firmly attached.

Missed collections

If your rubbish or recycling has not been collected by the end of your normal collection day, please call us on 04 499 4444.

Alternating recycling collection days

In the suburbs, recycling is collected weekly from the kerbside on the same day as your rubbish is collected. However, the recycling materials collected are on alternate weeks:

  • one week: paper, metal and plastic – place in wheelie bins or clear recycling plastic bags
  • next week: glass – place clean bottles and jars only in the 45-litre green recycling crates.

View our When to put out your rubbish collections calendar to find out which week it is for your street.

Collection times – Inner city


  • Between 5.30pm and 10pm every night.

Leave rubbish out any night of the week between 5.30pm and 10pm.

Note: Only use official Council rubbish bags. Place bags as close to the kerb as possible.


  • Between 5.30pm and 10pm Tuesday nights.

Place your bags out on the footpath between 5.30pm and 10pm every Tuesday night. Recycling is collected on Tuesdays after 10pm from the central business district.

Note: All recycling materials must be sorted and placed in clear plastic bags or we will not collect them.

Holiday collections

Rubbish and recycling are not collected on:

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday.

Instead, the collection is moved to the following Saturday. On all other holidays, collection days are as normal.