Applying for a MUD waste plan

How to apply for a waste plan, and what documentation you will need to provide.

How to apply for a MUD Waste Plan

Once you have applied for a resource consent you will be sent a MUD Waste Plan application form.

A MUD Waste Plan application needs to include the following details: 

1) Detailed scaled plan/s that identify the following: 

  • Orientation – north arrow 
  • Dimensions and overall square meters of the waste storage area 
  • Lighting  
  • Ventilation  
  • Access/egress – people and vehicles  
  • Security – cameras/access points  
  • Screening – if visible from a public place such as a footpath 
  • Potential placement of bins  
  • Taps and drainage  

2) If you have used the calculator to determine storage area and collection frequency, attach a copy of the calculation spreadsheet, or provide the following details:  

  • Number of one-bedroom units 
  • Number of two-bedroom units 
  • Number of three-bedroom units
  • Number of four or more-bedroom units  
  • The proposed frequency of collection and the number of bins for each waste type. 

How we assess a MUD Waste Plan 

The proposed storage area will be assessed to check it is right for the size of the development and allows for waste to be separated.

Assessment support

When we send you your MUD waste plan application form, we will also include some supporting documents to help you make sure you have everything you need for your assessment.

This will include application and operation checklists that you can use to ensure your MUD waste plan application is complete.

Assessment timeframes 

We will aim to make a decision on your MUD Waste Plan within 15 working days of it being submitted (excluding time where further information has been requested). 

If the storage area is not built in accordance with the MUD Waste Plan, or a MUD Waste Plan has not been obtained, then the Council may take enforcement action.  

Compliance status of the MUD Waste Plan will be included on future Land Information Memorandums (LIMs).

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