Waste education

The Council's Waste Education Officers help people to minimise waste. Take advantage of the following opportunities and resources.

Landfill tours on hold

Landfill tours are currently paused until further notice. Campaigns, workshops and talks will continue assuming Covid requirements can be met.

Apply for a grant to minimise your waste

To find out if your community-based organisation is eligible, and for full details, see: Applying for a Waste Minimisation Seed Fund

Use this handy flier to find all of the environmental resources that Council offers.

Free landfill tours

Tours of the Southern Landfill are available. Large visiting groups must organise their own bus to drive to and around the site.

Tours need to be arranged prior and booked in as it is an operational working site. Please see the email address below to book.

The one-hour tour includes visiting the:

  • recycle centre and Tip Shop
  • transfer station
  • tip face
  • compost plant
  • dewatering plant
  • closed landfill sites.

The tour gives a history of waste operations at the Southern Landfill, looks at the volume and types of waste being sent to landfills, and shares ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Tour information can be tailored to suit the group's main interests.

The maximum number of tours in one day is two.

Free school visits

One of our educators can visit a class / school to give a talk on any waste topic of interest. We often cover composting, recycling, waste management and worm farms.

Worm farms and compost bins

To help divert organic waste from landfills, the Council offers one free worm farm or one free compost bin to every school and preschool in the Wellington region. We can help you educate your students on the topic of organic waste when we deliver the bin or worm farm.

At the Southern Landfill Tip Shop you can source materials that can be used to build a worm farm, a compost bin or to design artworks.

b-side stories interview with Operations Manager Darren Hoskins

More information

For more information or to make a booking, email: waste.education@wcc.govt.nz