Reduce your business food waste

Keep your business food waste out of the landfill.

If your business creates high volumes of food waste, consider keeping it out of the landfill and turning it into quality compost for local gardens by joining one of two food waste collection services in Wellington.

Kai to Compost


0800 240 120



Waste collections - EnviroWaste

Organic Waste Management


(04) 387 2538



Organic Waste Management

Donate edible food

Edible food can be gifted to the following organisations, which coordinate the distribution of leftover food to those in need.

What kind of food waste can be composted

The following items can go in your compost bin:

  • vegetable and fruit scraps
  • cooked meat scraps
  • cooked bones - small to medium in size
  • shells - oyster, mussel, clam, crab, egg
  • breads and baking products
  • cheeses, desserts and cream
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • nuts and cereals
  • pasta and rice
  • tea bags and tea leaves
  • flowers, plants and green waste
  • unbleached paper hand towels and serviettes
  • compostable packaging made from unlined paper and cardboard, potato starch, sugarcane or bagasse, soft/thin bamboo, vegetable wax coated paper

Unsuitable for compost bins

  • large cooked bones
  • raw bones of any size
  • raw meat / fish
  • oils, liquid waste
  • oil-based plastics and some biodegradable plastics - check with us first
  • cigarette butts
  • cleaning products, eg bleach, soaps
  • cloth / material, eg tea towels
  • general rubbish and recycling
  • PLA or corn starch products