Recycling crates

Recycle glass in your green Council crate.

COVID-19 update

  • Rubbish, glass and co-mingled recycling are being collected and processed as usual. Check the recycling calendar for your next collection date and collection times.
  • With Omicron in the community, it’s important to note that there may be changes to our levels of service at very short notice.
  • If your rubbish or recycling has been missed, please contact us on 04 499 4444 within 48 hours (excluding Sundays).
  • Only official receptacles (yellow Council rubbish bags, green/clear recycling bags and recycling wheelie bins) will be collected. We have a good stock of yellow Council rubbish bags at the Arapaki Service Centre, the Tip Shop, and Johnsonville, Kilbirnie, Newtown or Tawa libraries.
Use the green crates to recycle glass

45-litre green crates

An official Council 45-litre recycling crate must be used for your recyclable glass, ie glass bottles and jars only. There is a limit of 2 glass crates per household.

Note: For the safety of our collectors do not overfill your crates. Bulk recycling can be done at the Recycle Centre at the Southern Landfill.

Where can I buy a Council crate?

You can buy a glass recycling crate at:

Cost: $15