Wellington BMX track

BMX is a great sport for riders of all ages and abilities – for those wanting to ride for fun and for those wanting to ride competitively.

Description: 400m UCI international-level BMX track with start gate
Cost: Free
Location: Southern end of Ian Galloway Park, Curtis Street, Northland / Wilton
Entrance and exit points: Whitehead Road, Curtis Street
Parking:  Carpark off Whitehead Road


The track provides challenges for both beginners and elite riders.

  • Five-metre start ramp
  • State-of-the-art start gate (operational only during Capital BMX Club training and race events)
  • Club and pro-line in the third straight

Hours open to the public

The track is open to the public outside of Capital BMX Club race and training events. To check when these events are on, visit Capital BMX Facebook.

Rules / safety

  • Bikes must have slick tyres (no knobbly mountain bike tyres).
  • Riders must wear a full-face helmet and gloves.
  • Elbow and knee guards are strongly recommended.

Club days and membership

If you would like to compete and race, you can join Capital BMX Club as an individual or as a family, and enjoy training and inter-club racing. 

When: The BMX race season is during the summer, running from September to April.

Cost: Capital BMX club memberships from $100 (including BMX NZ race licence). 

More information: For club membership, track information and updates, visit: Capital BMX Club Wellington and Capital BMX Facebook or email CapitalBMX.info@gmail.com.

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Wellington City Council worked with the Capital BMX Club to plan, fundraise and build the Wellington BMX Track. 

The track was designed by Australasia’s leading BMX track designer, Brett Barnes of DIRTZ, and was built by internationally-renowned New Zealand track builders Empire of Dirt.

The Capital BMX Club is a registered charity with the purpose of establishing and maintaining a BMX track in Wellington to provide the region with the opportunity to learn and participate in the fun-filled sport of BMX.