We Skate Pōneke

Many Wellington locals rely and use skating in their daily lives. Some skate for their commute, to keep fit and healthy, to spend time with friends, to reduce carbon emissions and to have fun.

Community feedback

In early 2020, we wanted to learn more about the needs of the skate community so we engaged with over 800 representatives to understand their demographics, behaviours and future needs to develop a skate plan.

Overall, this highlighted that the Wellington skate community simply want to skate more and be accepted by the public. There is a history of negative stigma around skateboarding, and we want to challenge and break down these negative stereotypes.

As a Council, we stand and support positive change to increase public acceptance and awareness of skating.

2020 Skate engagement report (1.1KB PDF)

So what does it mean to skate in the city?

Skating can often be seen as ‘one size fits all’, yet so many people skate for different reasons. We are sharing nine stories from different skateboarders about why they skate in our city and what it means to them.

Check them out below:

I love skating because it’s fun and I love going fast.

Daisy skates to be together with family. Photo credit: Tom DC

Skating in this city has shaped who I am.

David skates for identity. Photo credit: Eva-Rose

Skaters bring eyes to often quiet areas, their presence creates a vibrant and safer city.

Jonelle supports skating for safety. Photo credit: Jenni Guzman

I like the flow and the glide and how it just feels like surfing a never ending wave.

Sergio skates for transport. Photo credit: Tom DC

I skate because it's fun, challenging and it reminds me of what I'm capable of.

Erni skates to be creative. Photo credit: Kevin Francis

I don't have or want a drivers license - skating is how I get around and I love it.

Jordan skates for transport. Photo credit: Jenni Guzman

I skate because it's in my blood. It brings my friends and family together, and puts me in the moment to connect my body and soul.

They skate to be together. Photo credit: Tom DC

Sure it leaves bruises and builds up frustration, but at the end of the day skating brings you this feeling of empowerment and courage. A feeling that puts a smile on your face.

Jess skates for freedom. Photo credit: Caleb Smith

Skateboarding is a highly creative sport which challenges one’s perseverance and diligence.

Louis skates to be creative. Photo credit: David Read