Mount Victoria

Offering spectacular panoramic views of the city and harbour, Mount Victoria can be visited by car, by foot or by bike.

View of city and sea from Town Belt at Mount Victoria, with pou in foreground.

Location: East of central Wellington.

Entrance and exit points: Mount Victoria is easily accessed from Alexandra Road by vehicle or on a network of walking and cycle tracks from the surrounding suburbs.

Brief description: Mount Victoria is a prominent feature of the Wellington landscape providing a natural backdrop and skyline to the east of the central city.

The summit offers spectacular panoramic 360-degree views of Wellington city, the harbour and the hills to the west of the city. It is an interesting place to visit as part of a scenic drive, walk or bike ride. The Southern Walkway passes near here.

The summit also has information and interpretation panels, a pou, the Byrd Memorial and a bronze cannon.

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Public transport:  Number 20 bus goes up to the Lookout (and it's a nice walk down).

Toilets: Beside Alexandra Road, just south of the summit.

Parking: There is a large car park at the summit, and a parking area near the toilets.

Accessibility: Wheelchair access at the summit car park, but there are steps to the lookout. Mount Victoria tracks are well-formed but steep in places.

Dogs: Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Mountain biking: Mt Vic has 12 priority tracks and a large network of other tracks. Starting from Hippy's near the summit, the Super D line runs down to the skills area using some priority tracks and the Southern walkway. Branching of it are TTS‘V’ and Rock DropPark Bench also takes you past where a scene from Lord of the Rings was shot.

The only part you are not allowed to ride is the Southern Walkway between Palliser Road and Oriental Bay.

Features: There are information and interpretation panels at the Mount Victoria summit, a pou, the Byrd Memorial and a bronze cannon.

History: The bronze cannon on the summit was fired at noon each day between 1877 and 1900 as a time signal. The Byrd Memorial is in honour of polar explorer Admiral Richard E Byrd.

Friends groups: Rotary Club of Wellington, Innermost Gardens