Spraying and chemical practices

Find out how we control pests and weeds in Wellington City.

Pest and weed control practices

What do we use to control pests and weeds?

The Council uses Glyphosate 360 (Roundup). This is one of the most commonly used garden herbicides and has a low toxicity level.

What is Roundup being used for and why?

Roundup is used to spray the cities hard surfaces (for example, asphalt) as part of road maintenance contracts. It is also used for weed control in a variety of locations.

Who uses Roundup in the Council?

Our contractors and staff use Glyphosate 360.

What does the Council have in place to make sure Roundup is used appropriately and safely?

We have strict controls in place around what can be sprayed and the times that spraying can take place. 

These include:

  • Weather conditions: We continually monitor the weather when spraying, as we cannot spray if the wind speed exceeds 10 knots.
  • Equipment: The spray equipment we use is designed to apply the minimum amount of spray by having adjustable low flow nozzles. 
  • Time limitations: We have limits around the times that spraying takes place near schools, playgrounds and kindergartens.
  • Pedestrian levels: Spraying is done when there are low pedestrian levels.
  • Staff and contractors safety: All staff and contractors are required to wear appropriate levels of protection for what they are spraying to comply with health and safety regulations.

Are staff and/or contractors qualified to use chemicals?

  • All work with this agrichemical is completed by suitably qualified people (including Council staff and contractors) holding Growsafe and Approved Handlers Certification. 

Is safety information available for each chemical?

All purchased chemicals include a safety data sheet. This has information about the chemical and includes relevant safety information.

Are alternatives considered?

At this stage we do not have suitable alternatives that protect and maintain infrastructural assets, ensure public safety, and protect our natural environment from invasive or difficult-to-control weed species.

We will continue to monitor any changes to the classification of Glyphosate. 

Do you have any plans to change your use?

While we continue to monitor the alternatives to the use of agrichemicals, at this stage we do not have suitable alternatives.

Are there any other chemicals used other than Roundup?

We use a range of approved agrichemicals to target specific pests and weeds.

No Spray Register

If you don't want herbicides applied to the road frontage outside your property, you can request to be added to our No Spray Register. Those currently on the No Spray Register can also request to be removed.

If your application is accepted and you are added to the No Spray Register, it will become the resident’s responsibility to maintain and control weeds in the agreed areas.

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More information

If you require further information please email info@wcc.govt.nz