Frank Kitts Park redevelopment engagement

Find out how we’re engaging with key stakeholders and the broader Wellington community on the proposed projects for Frank Kitts Park.

Plaque representatives

Wellington City Council is trying to contact all representatives of the plaques in Frank Kitts Park. If you're a representative please contact

There are many projects being planned to make Frank Kitts Park fit for the future. To help with the final design we’ll need guidance from some key stakeholders and the wider Wellington community. This guidance will help us identify all the constraints, risks and opportunities for the proposed programme of work, before construction begins. 

We want Frank Kitts Park to continue to be seen as a key asset on the Wellington waterfront. Proposed projects for Frank Kitts Park include:  

  • playground upgrade - due for completion October 2022
  • carpark demolition due to earthquake risk
  • the introduction of a Chinese Garden, in partnership with the Chinese Association
  • sculptures, public art and artefact re-instatement
  • park storage and infrastructure.

The Wellington City Council Planning and Environment committee also approved in principle further investigations into the Fale Trust’s proposals for a Fale Malae in Frank Kitts Park. The Council is not leading this project but instead needs to assess, as landowner, whether a Fale Malae would be acceptable in Frank Kitts Park. 

Engagement process

We will engage with key stakeholders and the broader Wellington community through a two-step process.

Step 1 – stakeholder workshops 

The purpose of these workshops is to bring together key partners and interested stakeholders to develop a set of guiding purpose and principles to support the future design and development of Frank Kitts Park. There will be three workshops and they will take place throughout June 2022.

Step 2 – community engagement

In November 2022 we will run a community wide engagement asking Wellingtonians to have their say on various design options for Frank Kitts Park. 

History and timeline

  • 1990 Frank Kitts Park opened. 
  • 2001 The Wellington Waterfront Framework was published stating:
    There is a concern that the park faces the city and does not open out to the water’s edge.
    There is an opportunity to do more with the water’s edge, both to make it possible for people to actually get to the water from the park and to enhance activities on the water by creating an “intermediate harbour”. This could be by means of a breakwater, or pontoons or other alternatives.
    …it is recognised as major green open space.   
  • 2006 September: Design Brief Agreed by Council. October/November: Public consultation undertaken. 
  • 2007 June: Garden of Beneficence design competition. November: Wā/AAL scheme selected. December: Council approved the design.  
  • 2010 Garden of Beneficence design agreed with sister cities Beijing and Xiamen. 
  • 2014 New MoU regarding Garden of Beneficence developed and signed Wellington Garden Society.  
  • 2015/6 Design for Frank Kitts Park redevelopment agreed, and Resource Consent process initiated.  
  • 2018 April: Resource Consent for the Frank Kitts Park redevelopment as designed by Wā/AAL was formally granted (appeals were declined by NZ Environment Court).
  • 2018/9 Frank Kitts Park Playground area identified as first stage of redevelopment works. Detailed Design commenced (then put on-hold until October 2020).  
  • 2019 Detailed Seismic Assessment completed on Frank Kitts Park Car Park structure, identifying NBS rating lower than 34%. 
  • 2021 circa April: Fale Malae Trust identified Frank Kitts Park as a suitable site for a National Fale.
  • 2021 June: Lon approved, including $6.5M for Frank Kitts Park Garden Development in FY2024/25. 
  • 2021 Sept: Planning and Environment Committee agreed to the demolition of the Frank Kitts Park Car Park due to earthquake risk. 
  • 2021 Frank Kitts Park Playground Detailed Design approved, and redevelopment project construction started. Due for completion Sept 2022.  

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