Brandon's Rock

Brandon’s Rock, the highest point on the Paparangi ridge, has a stunning 360-degree view of the Tararua Range, the Hutt Valley, the harbour, Wellington City, Cook Strait and the skyline of the western hills.

View of Brandon's rock playground and park

Location: Newlands

Entrance: Edgecombe Street

Brief description: Brandon’s Rock, the highest point on the Paparangi ridge. Paparangi is the Māori name for the long ridge running from the entrance to Ngauranga Gorge to Horokiwi.

Parking:  Park on Edgecombe Street.

Accessibility: Brandon’s Rock is a two-minute walk from Edgecombe Street, up a small hill.

Dogs: Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Features: Brandon’s Rock is next to a playground.

History: The rock is named after Alfred de Bathe Brandon, who owned land in the Newlands area. Brandon arrived in 1840 and was a prominent lawyer, provincial councillor, parliamentarian and crown prosecutor.

There were two unsuccessful attempts to mine gold on Brandon’s land and the property next door.

Brandon’s Rock, known by sailors as the Nun’s Cap, was used as a navigation point before the introduction of harbour beacons. Ships entering the harbour could keep clear of Barrett Reef by staying east of a line from Brandon’s Rock to Point Gordon.

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