Recreation leases and licences

Community and recreation groups can apply to leases and licences for Council land and buildings at a subsidised cost.

Wellington City Council plays a central role in promoting healthy lifestyles and building strong communities. This role includes providing recreational and sporting opportunities as well as facilitating community networks.

The Council leases and licences land and/or buildings at a subsidised rental to a wide range of community and recreation groups. As there is growing demand for these resources, the Council needs to ensure they are allocated fairly and maximum community benefit is derived.

Guiding principles

When granting and managing leases and licences, the Council is guided by the following principles:

  • The Council will support groups whose activities contribute to the Council’s priorities. This support is primarily the provision of subsidised access to Council owned-land and/or buildings.
  • The relationship between the Council and groups will be collaborative. There will be open communication and both parties will work transparently to achieve the Council’s social and recreational outcomes.
  • The Council will treat all groups fairly. This will be done by equally distributing support and resources and consistently applying rental fees and charges.
  • Land and buildings will be responsibly managed. All buildings, whether owned by the Council or the group, will be maintained to the standard required under the lease for their economic life.
  • Groups will be encouraged to adopt a sportsville or amalgamation model to effectively utilise land and/or buildings. The Council may encourage groups to adopt this model if they are facing financial hardship, have a declining membership or if utilisation of land and/or buildings is low or a similar activity is provided nearby.
  • The terms and conditions within leases will be consistently applied.
  • A flexible approach will be taken when responding to changing community and recreational activities and levels of demand.

How to apply?

Read through the Leases Policy for Community and Recreation Groups to find out more about the eligibility and assessment criteria and the leasing process before completing an application. The group must be an incorporated society or trust to be eligible for a recreation lease or licence.

Council staff will discuss the leasing process with the group and assess whether granting a lease/licence is appropriate.

If granting a lease can be considered, or is appropriate, the group will be asked to make a formal application.

Council staff will assess the application using the assessment criteria outlined in section 7 of the policy.

If the application meets all of the assessment criteria, Council staff will prepare a committee or subcommittee report to seek approval to grant a lease, subject to public and iwi consultation and the applicant obtaining approvals required by any relevant legislation.

Any objections received through the public consultation process will be presented to a committee or subcommittee to consider. If no objections are sustained and all approvals required are obtained, a lease will be prepared and executed.

PSR leases and licenses application form (868KB PDF)


  • Please ensure you answer all questions. If necessary, enter N/A.
  • Please provide a full picture of your group and its activities. If necessary, continue on additional paper.
  • If information supplied is not sufficient to make an assessment, further information may be requested and your application will not proceed until a full application is received.

Need help?

Please contact the Leases team on or phone 04 499 4444.