Programmes for schools

Primary and secondary schools can book visits to the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre at discounted rates.

The Ākau Tangi Sports Centre offers three kinds of sessions for schools.

Tri Activate 

Tri Activate is a Te Manawa funded programme where children learn new skills and build their resilience at Ākau Tangi Sports Centre and Kilbirnie Recreation Centre.

What is offered

Groups have a 60min session of parkour or skating at the Kilbirnie Recreation Centre and two 30min sports sessions at Ākau Tangi Sports Centre.

Groups can have up to 2 days of sessions in a term for free thanks to the Tu Manawa funding.

All expenses including courts, coaches and buses are paid for so book now to get involved.


Year 4-Year 8
Maximum of 56 kids (2x groups of 28 kids).

Youth in Sport

What to choose from:

  • Weekly sessions - multiple sessions of each sport, so you can see the students progress and learn new skills
  • Activity days - choose 4-6 sports and spend the day learning the skills for each sport

Sports for all ages:

Sports for year four and older:

Each 45 minute session costs $1.70 per child.

Sessions times are Monday to Friday: 9.30am–10.15am, 10.20am–11.05am, 11.10am–11.55am, 12.30pm–1.15pm, 1.20pm–2.05pm, 2.10pm–2.55pm.

The expectation is that 2 sessions minimum are booking in a row for example, two sessions = 1.5 hours, and three sessions = 2 hours 15 minutes.

16 free bus trips to and from the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre

We take care of booking the transport for you. If you are booking more buses than 16 we can add the cost to the invoice.

Booking process 

  • Submit a booking request form on our website
  • We will contact you within 5 working days
  • We will check availability and come back to you with potential dates
  • You read, sign and return the rental contract
  • Booking is confirmed - we organise the rest.


Request a booking

Terms and conditions

Your booking is not officially confirmed until you have returned the signed booking contract.

Contact and address

Ākau Tangi Sports Centre (previously ASB Sports Centre)

Phone: 04 830 0500


Street address: 72 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie