Educational programmes

Find out about our weekly have-a-go sessions and Home Education programme.

Have a Go!

This programme is for people with an intellectual (learning) or physical disability.

Groups play a range of different sports and activities that cater to all abilities and physical levels.

Have a Go! Days (during term time) Time
Adult session Monday 10.30am–11.30am
School aged session  Wednesday 11am–12pm

Cost: $4.50 casual entry.

For further information, please contact us on 04 830 0501.

Home Education programme

This programme provides home schooled children the opportunity to supplement their physical education.

There are a number of groups to choose from each week. The groups are centred around Sport New Zealand’s ‘Physical Literacy approach’. Groups vary depending on age and the desire to participate in structured sports or less formal activities so please check out our descriptions to see which group is best.

To find out more, email Ākau Tangi Sports Centre at or phone 04 830 0500.

Home Education – Foundation (Ages 4–7)

Our 'Foundation' group is based on Sport New Zealand’s philosophy of ‘Physical Literacy’ for the Primary age group. We will promote physical development and skill development by focusing on variety, enjoyment and increasing independent participation. All three are crucial at the primary age. We will achieve this by creating a positive, supportive and empathetic environment which empowers our children to learn and be challenged at their own pace.

Home Education – Skills development (Ages 8+)

Our 'skill development' group is similar in nature to the 'Foundation' group but the group will have a skills development focus. This means the sessions become more about learning how structured sport works, play based activities that practice game skills and situations (without the competitive edge). This group gives children the option to keep learning through play and some structured activities but will be more focused on building confidence playing in a group, gaining skills ready for the next group 'Team games'.

Home Education – Team games (Ages 12+)

Our ‘Team Games’ group is about seeking new experiences. We help our youth learn responsibilities, take risks and express themselves as part of a team dynamic. The ‘Team games’ group will provide a clearer understanding of the pathway from informal social physical activity, games and play through to more competitive, structured sport. There will be different sports to play each week but the focus will be more on competition and full game situations much like those that children may experience as part of sports clubs or teams.

Time Dates Term 1 2024
10.30am–12:30pm Friday 9 February
Friday 16 February 
Friday 1 March
Friday 15 March
Friday 5 April

Cost: 10 trip pass $58.50 | casual $6.50

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