Rates remissions

Council rates remissions are available for ratepayers that meet the criteria.

A partial reduction in the amount of rates you have to pay is called a rates remission.

You may be eligible for rates remission if your property meets certain criteria.

Applying for a rates remission

All applications must be received in writing using the ‘Application for Remission’ form. The exception is applications for a rates remission for first home builders which should be completed using 'Rates Remission First Home Builders form'.

The application for a rates remission must be made before the beginning of the rating year (1 July). Successful applications received during the year will apply from the beginning of the following year. No applications will be backdated.

Decisions relating to the remission of rates special circumstances are delegated to officers as set out in the Council’s delegations manual.

Types of rates remissions

There are different types of rates remissions:

First Home Builders

Rural open space

Property under development or earthquake strengthening

Buildings removed from the Earthquake Prone Buildings list

Metered water rates

Natural disasters and emergencies

New residential greenfield developments

Land used principally for games or sport

Special circumstances

Rates penalty remission policy

Maori freehold land