Where your rates go

Your rates help to keep Wellington running.

Councils are responsible for providing a number of services that are essential to keeping everyone healthy and safe.

These services include ensuring households have safe drinking water, that the waste water system keeps operating, rubbish is collected, burials and cemeteries can take place, essential roading and safety repairs are made and flood protection is being monitored.

Where do your rates go?

Rates funding for the service areas we provide, per $100 of total rates:

A graphic showing the rates funding for the service areas we provide, per $100 of total rates.
Service Amount per $100
Water 13.46
Wastewater 12.24
Community support 11.59
Gardens, beaches and green open spaces 10.98
Recreation promotion and support 8.41
Transport 6.88
Stormwater 6.88
Governance, information and engagement Māori and Mana Whenua partnerships 5.82
Arts and cultural activities 5.69
City promotions and business support 5.68
Urban planning, heritage and public spaces development 3.43
Public health and safety 3.32
Building and development control 2.80
Conservation attractions 1.79
Waste reduction and energy conservation 0.20