Regional Council rates

We collect rates on behalf of the Greater Wellington Regional Council. These rates are set by Greater Wellington.

Motorway and Wellington at night.

At the beginning of each rating year you will receive two Rates Assessment Notices: one detailing Wellington City Council rates and the other detailing Greater Wellington rates. Your quarterly instalment invoices, however, are combined to reflect both councils' rates on one invoice.

In general, Greater Wellington rates fund the following regional services:

  • biosecurity
  • emergency management
  • environment sustainability
  • flood protection
  • regional transport (trains and buses)
  • harbour safety
  • land management
  • regional parks and forests
  • water supply to reservoirs

More information

Greater Wellington Regional Council

Phone: 0800 801 7000



Street address: 100 Cuba Street
Te Aro
PO Box 11646
Wellington 6011